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Facial in a Box – Active Anti-Aging

The Active Anti Aging Facial who is this for ?

Ideal for those that are focused on Anti Aging, that have target areas of concern that they want worked on or are starting their anti age skincare journey.

*do not use if planning a pregnancy/ pregnant / breast feeding

*may cause mild shedding / lifting – always apply SPF after using active ingredients

What do you receive?

A ten piece at home facial, amalgamating Image Skincare, asap Skincare & Skin Formulas.

Chosen specifically for each of the three predominant skincare types & concerns.

We are delighted to introduce to you the first of our Laurel self care products, our own unique massage oil blend. We have created, under the guidance of an aromatherapist, three blends specific to each skin care concern.

Guided easy to follow steps, each one numbered, with a written sequence in the box & a special link sent to you post purchase of one of the Laurel Team demonstrating the facial.

You will also receive a mop cap, to keep your hair dry and oil free, two facial sponges and a spatula.

So all you need is tepid water, and to relax & enjoy your treatment.


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