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Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Accumax (60 Capsules)

Problem Skin – Clarifies Complexion – Supports Skin Health

Skin Accumax is a daily supplement, ideal for people with acne prone and problematic skin.

Skin Accumax is a popular addition to the range of products from the Advanced Nutrition Programme. A scientifically advanced formula, packed with antioxidants and skin health boosting Vitamins A, C and E. This combination of ingredients therefore works to encourage healthy collagen formulation. This in turn clears redness, acne, blemishes, spots and breakouts.

If you are new to the product, take an initial dose of 4 supplements each day for 14 weeks, before reducing this to 2 supplements a day thereafter. Furthermore, you can obtain even better results when combining the supplements with the additional use of a topical skincare product that targets skin problems.

Suitable for all skin types. Available in 2 different sizes

*Do not take if planning a pregnancy / pregnant / breast feeeding

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