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Skincare During Pregnancy

We are all very familiar with how much we can change during pregnancy. Our bodies literally transform before our very eyes to house this little being. Not to mention the huge change to our hormones & emotions.

Hormones also have a lot to answer when it comes to our skin. During pregnancy some people actually glow, it’s amazing & beautiful to witness. I’ve seen clients who I may have worked with for years literally radiate during their pregnancy. But then unfortunately we have also seen & worked with the complete opposite.

During my own pregnancy in the last year, my skin really lost its ‘glow’. Having a natural dryness to my skin, suffering with bouts of psoriasis all my life, I really have to work my skin to maintain hydration & a dewiness. 

For the whole 9 months my skin was extremely parched & I had a lot of dry patches all over my body, that would peak & trough. 

When Oscar (my baby boy) was about 2 1/2 months,a psoriasis patch came on my face. I’ve had this before in the exact same place, about 12 years ago. At different times in the 12 years since it could rear it’s head, but not to the extent it had previously or now. My psoriasis is absolutely stress driven, when I’m on autopilot & my cortisone is high, the rest of my body is literally running on empty peaks. It’s my bodies way of telling me, to rest, look at my dietary intake & reassess my regimen.

Now almost 6 weeks in, it’s getting better in terms of itchiness & tenderness and also appearance.

What did I do?

I, like so many newborn parents, got lazy due to sheer exhaustion with my routine. I spoke with Pauline & got her advice too, as we all need a kick up the bum from someone else! 

I added more Vitamin C to my routine, I changed my night time cleanser to the Image MD & I use Skin Formulas Clear religiously & throughout the day. 

(I also at its peak, did apply canestene to my skin, but just the regular over the counter cream.) 

I take The Advanced Nutrition Co. Skin Omegas 3 & 6 and Vitamin C every day.

I’ve had our new Q10 Laser Carbon Peel twice. This treatment really helped with the inflammation/redness around my nose & in terms of hydration levels my skin was noticably more hydrated & my skin tone was clearer. 

I’m also very conscious of the amount of sugar I consume, a tired mammy often goes to grab the biscuit or the fizzy drink to keep her going. While I’m absolutely no angel, I try to plan my meals more by batch cooking, fill up my water bottle so I can see what my intake is & have a healthier snack to keep me going throughout the day.

There seems to be an urban myth that you cannot use active skincare during pregnancy. This is exactly that, a myth. Ingredients you need to reduce & avoid are Glycolic Acid / Salicylic Acid / Retinol (Vitamin A).

The acids can weaken our protective layer on the skin, making our skin more susceptible to a response from the sun / heat (this is why we always must wear SPF when using actives). During pregnancy we are naturally more susceptible to pigmentation with the increase of estrogen in our bodies. If using a product that can cause a response and then our hormones are driving that response organically then it is best avoid. 

Retinol, truth be told there is still not enough research into how it responds to the skin during the phases of pregnancy. The majority of Dermatologists will tell you to completely avoid, while other doctors argue to use a lower dosage & less frequently. Right now FDA law states to avoid during pregnancy & breast feeding. 

What can you use during pregnancy? Replace your high potent products with those that contain enzymes that are fruit & plant based – eg Image Skin Care Vital C Enzyme Masque / Skin Formulas Daily Foaming Cleanser AHA based.

Skin Formulas have a new serum Bakuchoil, this is specifically formulated to replace Retinol in a person’s skincare routine.

ASAP Skincare’s Firming Eye Lift Cream contains caffeine & hyaluronic acid, to help with dark circles & also to smooth out fine lines around the delicate eye area 

Anne Semonin Gel Masque is a real touch of luxury, to rehydrate & give your skin it’s plump & glow back. I used this product x2-3 a week as an overnight masque to help with my hydration levels. 

Like any phase in our life our skin can respond in a multitude of ways, from pregnancy acne or roseacea to pigmentation patches or you could literally glow. 

If you are pregnant now, don’t suffer in silence or be afraid to have a treatment or try new products, a skin consultation with a trained professional will get you on the right path to healthier skin.

To book a consultation with us, call / text 0863950629 – email laurelthesalon101@gmail.com – book online 

If you have any questions on anything that was raised above don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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